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EMERGENCY MEETING 3/12/2020: Review of EGCC Task Force on COVID-19 Response

Executive Committee Minutes – 3_12_2020 COVID-19-1

EGCC-EA Executive Committee meeting Friday, 3/6/2020



The EGCC-EA Executive Committee met on Friday, February 7, 2020 and talked with John Haseley, a key player in the EGCC Union Partnership Program. Here is some of what occurred during that meeting:
  • Haseley has a strong background in the OEA and is committed to “non-profit” higher education.
  • The “free-college” initiative at EGCC started with 75 students in 2015. We are close to 27,000 now.
  • The model is based on registering 40% students who are Pell eligible and those students subsidize others.
  • The Student Resource Center (the call center which works to encourage union members across the nation to participate in the union “free-college” program,) have their own union. EGCC-EA should not be threatened by that and should not attempt to have them join OEA. They are separate entities each working to improve the lives of members.
  • We stated concerns about the ethical use of student Pell grants and the large technology fees with which Pell eligible students are saddled.
  • We mentioned the concerns we have with students who seem to be taking advantage of the “free college” program as they are not degree-seeking or they are are adding on to other terminal degrees. Haseley did not seem concerned that this was happening. He mentioned this is how the program began (that any union member and their family had the chance to receive the benefit of “free-college”) and implied there would be no change with that going forward.
  • Other colleges have approached Haseley about using the “union model” at their school. Once they learn about it, they decide not to pursue becoming involved in it.
  • Central State College, a 4-year school near Dayton is interested in teaming up with EGCC to provide the last year of a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Haseley stated that he plans to be more accessible to the Youngstown and Steubenville campuses and would be willing to meet and talk with faculty and staff on any number of issues.
  • The Executive Committee will keep the lines of communication open with John Haseley and reach out to him when we have further questions or concerns.


The EGCC-EA Executive Committee consists of:

Gina Augustine- Interim President, Youngstown Campus, ginamaugustine@comcast.net

Tracey Anderson- traceyla621@sbcglobal.net 740.632.2651

Cathy Sistilli- Treasurer, csistilli@gmail.com

Lori Parry- Faculty Rep, Steubenville Campus, lori.parry338@gmail.com

Ryan Fritch- Support Staff Rep, Youngstown Campus, ryfritch93@gmail.com

Hamid Nawaz- Eastern Ohio Education Association Rep, hmnawaz398@gmail.com

Stephanie Vance- Eastern Ohio Education Association Rep, doublejrabbitranch@gmail.com

Term: August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2021